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Sustainable Toys For Your Children


    About Organic Play

    Organic Play is underpinned by the fundamental principles of the play-based approach that fosters a love of learning and empowers children to take risks, explore, negotiate, reason, create meaning, and solve problems. 

    Children learn through play; by doing, by interacting with others and by asking questions. These high-quality, hands-on learning experiences are intended to awaken your child’s natural curiosity and encourage their sense of wonder while promoting the development of language, memory skills, and self-regulation.

    Our playthings are carefully handpicked and supported by the notion of a few long-lasting, open-ended and imaginative sets being much more beneficial for a child’s development, than an overwhelmingly large collection of toys that often result in overstimulation. 

    I created Organic Play with a background in Junior Primary Education and a passion for play-based philosophies. Such theories are currently implemented in my classroom as I believe in a holistic approach to children’s learning that nurtures and values their social, emotional, cognitive, language, and physical developmental skills.